Eat Your Veggies!

It’s so important to eat (or drink) your veggies in order to have healthy, beautiful skin. Juicing first thing in the morning is the very best way to start your day. But, what about the rest of your meals? Here are some of my favorite recipes for loading up on veggies throughout the day. It all starts with broth. Let’s talk VEGAN BONE BROTH. This is life giving! It’s delicious and warming and comforting and nourishing – and also lowers inflammation with the help of turmeric! I make a large batch of this every Sunday in order to enjoy 6 ounces per day throughout the week 🙂

For lunch I love salads! I also need to keep things super simple. This is one salad I never tire of and it’s loaded with protein as well as veggies. I always add in extra leafy greens!

After juicing and smoothies and salads throughout the day, DINNER is usually a warm meal, like stir fry, soup, a rice dish or bowl of some sort. This soup is super easy and you can easily change up the ingredients based on what you have in the kitchen!


This rice is amazing solo or alongside lentils, beans or roasted veggies. It reminds me of the Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice I ate as a kid…but healthier, obvi.

Here’s the link for the recipe – I usually add some extra kale and parsley too!





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