Honey Masking

Organic raw honey is the BEST skincare ingredient you can get and it’s so freaking simple! One ingredient, and probably something you already have in your pantry! Why is raw honey the best for the skin?

It’s naturally antibacterial. It’s probably one of the only things in your kitchen that has no shelf life – and no preservatives – because it doesn’t harvest the growth of bacteria. Amazing, right? On the surface of the skin, honey can loan out some of this attribute to help keep your skin clean and clear!

It’s a natural humectant. This means it naturally draws moisture to itself, like a sponge in water. Applying honey to the surface of your skin will help your skin retain more moisture and stay balanced!

It contains live enzymes that soften the skin. This is why it’s important to use RAW honey that has not been heated or refined. The enzymes in honey will digest dead skin cells and the cellular glue that holds them to the very surface to support natural skin exfoliation. This is MUCH different than forced exfoliation from acids, harsh scrubs, brushes and lasers. Enzymatic exfoliation, when done gently, will keep skin cell metabolism healthy and keep the surface of your skin soft!

It’s a great source of B Vitamins (no pun intended) for boosting healthy circulation in the skin. Anything that supports healthy circulation in the skin is GOOD for healthy aging and will lead to more radiant skin. Circulation helps the skin detox and brings nutrients to the cells. These things are very necessary for proper collagen formation and clear skin!



1 T RAW ORGANIC HONEY (any variety)

1 DROP ESSENTIAL OIL (I like lavender, frankincense, copaiba, or sandalwood)


Combine all ingredients and apply to clean skin for 15 minutes before removing with warm compresses and rinsing with cool water. Follow with moisturizer or serum. This mask is ideal for 1-2 times a week.


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