Crystals + Skincare

Using crystals in self care, body care, and skin care therapies is not a new thing, although it has gained lots of attention recently. I use crystal stones in my facials for clients for both relaxation and skincare, because they bring so much extra benefit! Think about it for a moment. In physics, we learn that everything is made up of matter, which in turn is made up of energy. Different objects (or creatures or people) have different levels of energy intensity or frequency. Depending on the specific frequency of a thing, it can support or prevent health and wellness. For example:  positive thoughts, meditation, essential oils, plants, vegetables and fruits, and crystals all have high frequencies. When you use, eat or surround yourself with these things, it helps raise the frequency of your collective energy. The higher the frequency, the higher the health. Negative thoughts or emotions, plastics, toxic chemicals, microwaved foods, electronics and drugs all have lower frequencies, and thus can lower yours when you hang around them too long.


So why do crystals have high energy frequencies?

Crystals are stones from deep within the earth that form when certain minerals come into contact with high amounts of pressure and gasses. For example, crystals form when liquid rock (magma) deep within the earth starts to cool. Others form with volcanic eruption. They literally hold within them the vibration of the earth. These crystals have very high energy frequencies and also the ability to absorb and transmute energy, due to their structure and origin story. We are more part of our Earth than most of us realize. We sync with the tides, the rise and setting of the sun and moon, the seasons and the earth’s many movements. Using crystals on and around our physical bodies can help with everything from relaxation and release to balancing and detox. Many crystals are harvested and then smoothed and shaped into smaller sizes, but the larger, raw crystals can also be extremely powerful.


I have many crystals in my treatment room: large pieces of Amethyst and Quartz, as well as some Himalayan Salt and Selenite. Smaller polished crystal gua sha, wands and stones are my favorites for using topically during facial massage to encourage healthy circulation. Finally, I have a collection of stones all palm sized and smaller that I will sometimes place on a client during his or her facial to relax them further throughout the treatment.


I encourage you to look into using crystals in your home and in your self care practice! The best way to start is to order a rose quartz or jade gua sha stone (available here)  or jade roller (available here) and look up tutorials on You Tube to massage daily at home! I also love these ladies as a resource for crystals in the home!

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