My Favorite Detox Bath Soak

I love soaking in the tub. There’s just something about being submerged in warm, lovely floral or herb scented water that instantly puts my mind and body at ease. Since I was young, baths have been a self care ritual. My mother taught me well. She said that there was nothing a good, hot bath couldn’t fix. And she was pretty much right! Bathing is more than getting clean. When we bathe, we allow our skin to absorb minerals and encourage detox. We also calm the mind and muscles. Baths are also wonderful places for meditation and deep breathing, release work or intention setting! Try this recipe. It’s my very favorite for skin and body detox support, and it’s a wonderfully gentle soak for sensitive skin too!


1/2 cup EPSOM SALT

1/4 cup SEA SALT

2 drops COPAIBA





Copaiba is very calming for skin and muscles. Sandalwood is a beautifying essential oil and very grounding. The powdered ginger and baking soda aid the body in gentle detox and the salts are wonderfully calming and nourishing for the skin. Choose water that’s warm but not hot, and drink plenty of water while soaking. Do not soak if you’re freshly shaved (salt.) And, of course, consult your doctor first if you are pregnant or have a medical condition.




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